Hosting Bot

PARTNER is Partnered with the most Reliable hosting provider there is.


Hosting Bot Provides a verifty of hosting services from Webhosting and VPS's to Dedicated Servers, and these are just a few services they provide.

You can find a complete list of services Hosting Bot offers on their site here. You can also view a short list below.

  • Dedicated Servers
  • Colocation Services
  • VPS - LAX 1Gbps
  • VPS - LAX 10Gbps
  • VPS - FL 10Gbps
  • VPS - DAL 1Gbps
  • VPS - DAL 10Gbps
  • VDS Plans
  • VPN Hosting
  • Shared Hosting

Zephyr Development

PARTNER is Partnered with Zephyr Development The absolute Best place to learn how to code a Discord Bot!

At one time they were known as Vultrex Develpment but but have rebranded to Zephyr Develpment.

They provide amazing Tutorials on programming Discord Bots & provide support on discord bot programming. But they don't stop there, they provide all types of programming tutorials to help you grow as a programmer.

We have personally work with Zephyr Develpment in the past and we 10000% recommend them to everyone!

  • Join their server today and get involved!


PARTNER is Partnered with Listcord an All-In-One listing site.

Not only do they provide a Bot List like us for you to add your beautiful bots too, they also provide a Discord Server List! For you to grow your Discord Servers!

But they didn't stop there! they also have a user list the shows users and some information on that user!

They are a one of a kind listing site to boost your Servers, Discord Bots and, Yourself across the Discord Community.

  • We are more then excited to work along with and cant wait to see what the feature has in store for this partnership!

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